Warehouse Racking  and Storage Systems

CMI is dedicated to helping you get the most efficient use out of your available space. Our sales consultants will review your needs on site and prepare a solution that matches your material handling processes, facility layout and product storage needs. We will work with you to obtain any necessary engineering, fire and municipal permits and finally, install the storage system to meet or exceed construction standards.

Longer term, CMI is available to occasionally conduct on-site safety inspections, repair racking as necessary to maintain a safe operating environment.

When it is time to upgrade to a larger facility, downsize to match the prevailing economic conditions or simply reconfigure your storage systems to meet changing inventory needs our installation services team is available to complete the work in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. We can provide services as a lead contractor or as part of a larger building construction project team.

Pallet Racking from Calgary and Across Western Canada

Pallet racking has evolved to match the specific storage and material handling requirements of individual clients. Our design process will take into consideration the weights and dimensions of your inventory, material flow in your warehouse, the physical dimensions of the building storage area, municipal building codes and permit requirement and you desire for new and/or used storage components.  We will design a warehouse racking system to meet your needs.

  • Selective pallet racking

  • Push-back racking

  • Drive-in racking

  • Pallet flow and carton flow systems

  • Secure parts rooms

  • Cantilever racking

  • Conveyor &  pick & pack systems

  • Automated material handling systems.

Whether you are looking for a storage system for a large logistics centre, a commercial bay, an industrial yard, a retail stock room, a farm shop or residential garage, we can deliver a system to match your needs.